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" My son loves this class, it gives him the opportunity to show his passion for music and movements! Great job Kristin! "



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“As a parent, not well informed in the various positive cultural, learning, and social activities available to young children, our family had the inexplicable good fortune of stumbling upon Kristin Kusanovich, the wonderful teacher of Dance, Movement, and "Good Sense." Observing our daughter and the other children delight in Kristin's manner and method with such joy and interest requires seeing.  Truly a blessing, the type of mentoring every child should enjoy!”  



Kristin is not only the consummate professional, but also friendly and thoughtful. My husband and I were extremely happy with the quality of training even the very youngest students were receiving. The musical selections were dynamic, with just the right tempo for each movement. The class flowed seamlessly. It was never dull or predictable. She gave individual corrections and was always open to questions. Each class built upon the next and I could see my son's focus increase as the session progressed. Honoring the dancer as a unique individual; she pushes each student at their own pace, level and style. An inspiring class that I believe will positively impact many aspects of his life inside and outside of the studio.



K2dance was one of the best things I have done for my son!
Exposing him to a dance class gave him a way to be physical with strength, balance and creativity. The combination of familiarity with the class activities and students, and a bit of new each time kept him excited to go. Kristen is a teacher with professional experience of a dancer and the life experience of being the mother of a young child. She used real terms to describe movement, the concept of "levels of dance" is now something that my son enjoys exploring. He realized that dance can mean his body is flat on the ground as well as on his toes. Her insights into how to integrate fun into learning dance was so impressive. Knowing to introduce each activity with an excited tone, allowing each child to find their way to move through the sequence of movements. It often seemed that our kids were playing and dancing. As a teacher I have always believed that learning can be an expression of who you are as well as integrating new ideas and skills, Kristen's class is an embodiment of this ideal. He often told other kids he was taking the class and even showed them some of his move, his excitement was contagious his friends and he would even play "dance class" together. As he said "I love dance class I get to invent movements myself."


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