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this not a typical dance class for children because

  • is artistically focused
  • is non-competitive
  • is interested in the unique personality of your child
  • is taught by a professional dancer, choreographer and children’s dance expert
  • provides an inviting atmosphere for students new to dance
  • is the only children’s dance program in the South Bay with an emphasis on creative and modern dance

Dance with us

Our dance classes for children blend four important artistic traditions for the growing child:
  • Creative Movement
  • Modern Dance
  • Ballet
  • Music

>> Creative Movements

Children naturally love to move! Creative Movement draws on the child’s natural impulses to move while developing new capabilities. It does not force children into rigid positions that they are not skeletally or muscularly ready for. It allows children to learn problem-solving techniques and think for themselves, while learning to work with others and appreciate the unique ideas of each person in their class.



  • Self-Confidence
  • Creative Thinking
  • Enjoyment of movement & music

>> Pre-Modern

Modern dance uses the parallel position as well as the turned-out feet positions of ballet. This strengthens all of the muscles of the legs evenly. It uses all three levels, the lower floor level, the middle level and the higher or elevation levels. It includes every type of movement including sitting and lying stretches and balances, rolls, spirals, jumps, balancing, turning and traveling (movement across the space.) It is expressive and can convey a story, mood or concept. Most university dance departments have a focus on modern dance, as do most professional dance companies in the U.S. and Europe.


  •  Solid technical foundation for any type of dance, sport or martial art
  • Higher level concepts and vocabulary such as: Parallel & Perpendicular, Momentum, Space (Self-Space and Shared)
  • Expression of an idea through movement

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>> Pre-Ballet

Ballet terms are taught in French and are universally recognized in both ballet and modern. Students will learn the first five positions of the feet and the movements of the plié, relevé, pasé, tendu, degajé, port du bras, sauté (jumps) and arabesque. However, in order to develop the muscles of the feet and to have good traction for changing directions quickly, we will dance barefoot.


Goals :

  • Grace and poise
  • Smoothness
  • Self-control
  • Discipline

>> Music

Children who can identify different rhythms and timings of movements and can respond to what they hear in music with movement tend to do very well if they go on in any dance style or to study an instrument. Children will learn the basic note values (quarter, half and whole notes) and will work with different rhythms that grow in complexity from lesson to lesson. Visual props, clapping games, hand-held musical instruments and CDs of a wide variety of classical, world and folk music are all used to stimulate the natural love of music that your child has.