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Dance with us


K2dance held its first session in the spring of 2008 in the studio of St. Mary's church on Lincoln Avenue and Paula Street in downtown Willow Glen. Students ages 3 1/2 to 9 were able to enjoy the six class series which explored different technical exercises, movement concepts and locomotive skills. Throughout each six class workshop children are exposed to music, books, props and simple equipment that really help to develop their imagination as well as their physicality.

A typical class for 3.5 -5 year olds is 30 minutes, and a typical class for older than 5 is 45 minutes. Class begins with floor warmups, circle activities which stretch and strengthen the body, rhythm activities, center work calling upon balance, flow and imagery followed by locomotive patterns that use natural movements like skipping and sliding and develop them technically to have clarity in line and design in space and be technically progressing.

The final experience each day for each student is to perform a goodbye dance that incorporates their favorite movements from that day's lesson in their own unique travelling sequence along the diagonal of the room. Children enjoy the solo without realizing the confidence they are showing, and especially enjoy being greeted by Ms. Kristin at the end of their long journey. We conclude each class with a very quiet and focused exchange of thanks between teacher and students and a collective bow, drawing on the very old tradition of finishing the ballet or modern class with "reverance," or bows to musicians and teachers.

Our STUDIO is located in the Willow Glen Neighborhood of San Jose and in Santa Clara (CA)


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